Top 5 Tools for Working from Home


Top 5 Tools for Working from Home

  • Posted On September 2, 2021
  • Posted By Gian

The pandemic has made it necessary for many organizations to recommend (or, in some cases, require) their workers to working from home. Many businesses are constantly trying to keep their organizations functioning even with their workforce stuck at home.

For a successful working from home experience, some tools are required for project management, real-time communication, collaboration, note-taking, and VPN. These tools are essential to have workers stay connected and remain focused despite working from home.

Project Management Tools

Managing projects from home could be chaotic if there is no suitable tool to handle or deal with clients.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a flexible tool that can house essential files such as employee details, client files, artwork, or ongoing projects. There is also an option of file access permissions and lots of storage space.

Asana – This task management tool is highly effective for remote work. Making it easy to track, visualize, and manage tasks.

Google Drive – Google Drive is a tool that stores tasks, documents, and spreadsheets on google. It can monitor workflow across teams and let you share video files or presentations with clients.

Monday.Com – This is an easy build platform that lets you manage your work in one workspace. It has excellent features like automation, and you can easily set it up.

Trello – Trello is a fun and flexible platform that allows you to organize and manage projects without stress. It is available in several languages and can work online and offline.

Real-Time Communication

When it comes to remote working, workers need to be in smooth communication. This is why it is imperative to have the right tools and tech to ensure workers stay connected.

Zoom – Zoom is vital for team meetings. It is a reliable video platform that handles every communication requirement such as webinars, seminars, phone, online programs, and chat.

Teams – Teams by Microsoft is a reliable platform that brings real-time communication and collaboration among teams. It offers video conferencing as well as chatting.

Slack – Slack is a secure, organized, and efficient way for teams to communicate without sending loads of emails. Its flexibility lets you customize notifications and collaborations.


When it comes to remote work, collaboration is vital to have smooth communication and yield better productivity. There are some tools in place to ensure you have the most accessible collaboration.

Google Drive – You can use google drive for collaboration on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Using this tool, you can easily share files, files, and documents.

One-Drive – With one drive, collaborating with others by sharing your documents is easy.

MS Teams – Teams can help workers stay organized. With the channels and teams feature, you gain access to Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

Note Taking / Task Management Tools

Taking notes is an essential aspect of working from home because it is easy to forget to remind yourself of the information you need. Many tools can help you save your thoughts, ideas, and information in one place.

Evernote – Evernote is an easily accessible and secure platform to jot all your ideas and thoughts. It has auto-sync features and gives access for third-party use.

Todoist – Todoist comes with a handy feature that lets you manage personal tasks. It is cloud-based so that it can sync your notes and tasks across all devices.

VPN/Endpoint Protection Solutions

One of the most vital aspects of remote working is the issue of security. With the back and forth communication between remote workers, security could be a massive risk if proper security measures are not in place. Some strategies can help you ensure total security.

Virtual Private Network – VPNs are essential to use during remote working as they would curb the risk of a security breach, hackers, and unauthorized third parties from accessing your network.

Endpoint Detecting and Response – EDR works by scrutinizing endpoints for threats that want to access your network and immediately alerts security teams. This tool is paramount for security because it will focus on security investigations and create a swift response.


Working from home can take a bit of getting used to. And whether you are used to it or just starting remote working, these tools, alongside the right attitude, will ensure you have a smooth and secure experience.

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