Top 5 Tips on How to Work From Home


Top 5 Tips on How to Work From Home

  • Posted On October 1, 2021
  • Posted By Gian

Remote working is one of the desires of many workers. The thrill of working in the comfort of your home has made so many people prefer to work from home.

Although, due to the coronavirus’s worldwide spread, organizations have been forced to use remote working to keep their employees busy until the pandemic is reduced or controlled.  This has made remote working more of a necessity than a luxury.

While remote working could be liberating, having a work-from-home routine might pose a security risk for an organization if it is not well handled. It could also harm an employee’s mental health if good care is not taken.  Companies need to put security in place before putting the responsibilities on employees. And also enlighten them on how to protect their mental health while working from home.

Separate Devices

It is vital to keep the office, and personal devices separate when it comes to remote working. Separating official devices from personal devices ensures that the companies information and data is safe and there is no potential security risk.

There is a limit to how security is conscious on a personal device. So it is crucial that official devices such as a company-issued laptop or phone be used strictly for office operations. And in no case should the login details of these devices be shared.

IT Training and Support

Working from home could expose organizations to many security risks, so having a well-trained team that can immediately identify security threats with specific resources, tools and skills are vital. This requires proper training, and it can eventually ensure a quick response to security-related issues, monitor suspicious actions, and block unwanted cybersecurity accesses.

Encrypt Data

The risk of compromised or lost data during remote work increases with the organizations’ website and remote workplace. It is essential to make your remote workspace unreadable by encrypting your data.

It will make it hard for anyone except the sender and future recipient to decode. Having a secure socket layer(SSL) certificate installed is the first step to encrypting your data.

Different Workspace

Having a different workspace during remote work increases the chances of productivity. It could be a dedicated office in your home or another spot in the house that includes a desk and a chair.

It is essential to have committed space for working at home because it will separate work from the house’s feel. Besides, working on a comfortable couch or your bed may get in the way of productive work and affect your sleep.


Working from home can aggravate feelings of loneliness and isolation because social interaction helps with closeness and cooperation. It could be tiring for even an introvert or an employee that is used to socializing in regular workspaces.

Socializing can continue even while working from home by having social video calls, taking breaks to set up video dates. Instant massaging tools such as slack or zoom make keeping in touch with other people quickly and significantly protect mental health.

Working from home can be liberating as well as challenging. But developing a routine could help create a productive work-day. And with the above tips, you understand how to work more securely in the home and protect your mental health while at it.


Working from home can take a bit of getting used to. And whether you are used to it or just starting remote working, with the tools and set up, alongside the right attitude, will ensure you have a smooth experience.

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