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Your company needs a Chief Information Officer, and now you can have one. Businesses of all sizes, in every industry, utilize information technology every day. Every business could profit from expert guidance and comprehensive strategies to harness all the benefits of that technology. But what are the options for organizations that don’t have a need for a permanent, full-time CIO role?


CIO as a Service (CIOaaS), sometimes called a fractional CIO or CIO-on-demand, helps organizations with overall IT direction, governance, management, and planning. CIOaaS with VN Consulting helps you prioritize. We help you choose which competencies are needed now and we can help you develop a long-term vision or view of your future needs.

With our expert IT knowledge at your fingertips, we give you insight to the options you didn’t know you had. A CIOaas leads IT planning and supports strategic business initiatives with technology solutions.

A VNC CIOaaS will meet with management and staff on a regular basis to help demystify complex technology, assist with ongoing projects, and provide valuable guidance to management for IT decision making. With a CIOaaS at the helm of all IT-related issues, leadership and staff can stay focused on running the business.

  • Knowledge and Expertise. Our experience in the healthcare world offers specialized knowledge and unique insight from working within the industry.
  • Reduced Costs. Get all the benefits of planning and budgeting without the high cost of overhead.
  • Customized Roadmap. Further your overall business objectives with a custom plan that leverages a developed IT strategy, promoting growth while minimizing costs and risks.
  • Data is Power. Management, transformation, visualization, blending, preparation, profiling—harness your data and make it work for you.
  • Expert Guidance. In today’s changing landscape, you need expert leadership to help you develop a long-term strategy in order to stay competitive and nimble.

WHAT DOES A Fractional CIO DO?

A VNC Fractional CIO is defined primarily by your needs as an organization. We can also provide advice on the scope of available services so that you can optimize the benefits of having a Fractional CIO.

Typically, a fractional CIO will perform some or all of the following services:

  • Serve as the company’s top technology manager
  • Manage the company’s internal IT operations
  • Streamline business processes with technology
  • Focus on internal customers (users and business units)
  • Collaborate and manage IT vendors
  • Develop strategies to increase the company’s bottom line
  • Develop and review IT policies
  • Ensure security of data, infrastructure, and practices
  • Provide an overall analysis of the organization’s technological needs
  • Drive IT strategy while developing technology that can make the business more competitive

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