About Us


Founded in 2013 and based in Southern California, VN Consulting helps our clients address day-to-day information technology concerns and solve complex issues. Our expertise is in managing IT infrastructure, providing executive-level strategic oversight for IT issues, and helping clients develop data solutions. Our commitment is to top-notch customer service and going the extra mile to support our clients’ needs.

We can support any industry with IT needs and have specialized expertise in healthcare technology. We especially love helping clients better understand their IT options and make the best use of technology resources.

Meet The Founder

Vu Nguyen is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he studied computer science and cognitive science, Vu Nguyen also earned his master of business administration (MBA) degree, a blend of IT and business education that has given him sophisticated insight into how the role of IT infrastructure and data can support businesses.

He began his career in IT working for a major digital arts studio. He progressed to become the Information Technology Director for a Medicare Advantage Organization, where he gained specialized expertise in healthcare IT, including electronic medical records systems, while leveraging data and technology to address complex problems. Vu also served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a revenue cycle organization and, through VN Consulting, has worked closely with hospital clients as a consulting CIO.

Vu has experience creating custom applications and tools, as well as helping management create KPI dashboards to gain meaningful insight from data. He’s an expert in developing strategies around cloud, security, and data management.

“I started VN Consulting because I saw so many organizations, invest in technology without understanding how to implement and use it, waste money on items that they didn’t really need and use staff to do repetitive tasks instead of leveraging technology.”
Vu Nguyen

Get Rid of Your IT Headaches for Good

You want to spend your time managing your business—not putting out fires for every IT issue that arises. Bringing deep IT experience to bear, we create tailored solutions for every client.